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There are three aspects of every project that must be in balance; PRICE, TIME and SCOPE. The Construction Manager is responsible for this balance through systems of cost control, schedule control and quality control. The first two are addressed to some degree by every contractor but the third is often overlooked.

To establish an effective system of Quality Control, it is important to know what quality is. Simply put, QUALITY IS CONFORMANCE TO REQUIREMENTS. It is not some arbitrary measure of "goodness" done subjectively but is rather an objective measure of conformance with the requirements of the plans and specifications on which we have based our contractual relationship.

Effective Quality Control can only be achieved through a multi-faceted system that begins at the bidding stage. Our approach has 3 PRIMARY PARTS as follows:

1. Estimating and Purchasing: The successful bidder in each discipline is the one who has the best price and conforms to the requirements of the project. The decision on the correct low bidder involves not only price but also performance (time) and quality. A well written purchase order CLEARLY DEFINES THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SUBCONTRACT and will readily resolve any future disputes.

2. Project Manager: The project manager's goal is to ENFORCE THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE PURCHASE ORDER TO SEE THAT THE CUSTOMER GETS EXACTLY WHAT HE PAID FOR. This is done through a master project schedule and focused trade schedules that define each subcontractor's performance requirements and a submission log that assures that all purchased items will arrive timely and meet contract requirements. These schedules are a specific part of each subcontractor's purchase order and failure to conform is a contract violation requiring additional manpower, additional working hours or other measures to correct the deficiency.

3. Project Superintendent: Ultimate Quality Control occurs in the field where the work is performed. The Project Superintendent is required to review the plans, specifications and submissions that apply to each subcontract as listed in the purchase order the day before each new subcontractor begins at the site. If any products or construction details have not been documented at that time, he gets clarification from the project manager. He is then in a position to SEE THAT THE SUBCONTRACTORS WORK CONFORMS THE THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE CONTRACT DOCUMENTS. No verbal side agreements are acceptable. Any contractor attempting to perform work not in accordance with the contract requirements will be stopped immediately and appropriate measures will be taken.

The GOAL of our Quality Control system IS TO ASSURE CONFORMANCE WITH THE CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS WITHOUT IMPACTING COST OF SCHEDULE. Our proactive approach to quality enables us to correct problems before delays and additional costs occur.




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