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Meeting Construction Needs Today, Without Inhibiting Our Ability to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow


Haverstick-Borthwick Company is committed to do its part in working towards SUSTAINABILITY in building by ELIMINATING WASTE and FOCUSING ON EFFICIENCY. Environmentally and economically sound design and development techniques are critical to design buildings and infrastructure that are sustainable, healthy and affordable.

Our commitment to this green approach is evident in our employees and work. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a standardized, nationally accepted system for certifying the sustainability of design, construction, and operations of buildings. TWO OF OUR FIVE PROJECT MANAGERS ARE LEED CERTIFIED, ensuring that Haverstick- Borthwick makes fully informed decisions and has access to the MOST UP TO DATE IMROVEMENTS AND EXPERTISE ON GOING GREEN.

Recently, we finished building the FIRST GREEN DORM IN NEW JERSEY at Drew University, which is going through the steps to achieve LEED SILVER CERTIFICATION. This building features a geothermal heating and cooling system, water efficient plumbing fixtures, use of building materials that have low or no volatile organic compounds and are recycled and regionally extracted, harvested or manufactured, landscape plantings that require no permanent irrigation system and recycling of approximately three-quarters of its construction waste.

As the world of sustainable construction is constantly evolving, our long-term goals include REDUCING WASTE GENERATION, POLLUTION, ENERGY AND WATER USE, AND LOCAL INFRASTRUCTURE IMPACT, and MAXIMIZING LONGEVITY AND EFFICIENCY.



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