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Haverstick-Borthwick Company developed one of the first comprehensive safety programs in the construction industry in the Delaware Valley. This program has been instrumental in REDUCING ACCIDENTS ON THE JOB SITE, REDUCING LOST TIME AND SERIOUSNESS OF INJURIES and has gained us favorable consideration during numerous OHSA job site inspections. The presence and continuous improvement of such a plan demonstrates company management's COMMITMENT TO IMPROVING SAFETY IN THE WORK PLACE TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR OUR ENPLOYEES AND ENHANCE OUR COMPETITIVENESS IN THE MARKETPLACE.

Our company objective is TO HELP PROVIDE A SAFE, HEALTHY, AND PRODUCTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT for our employees and others at our job site, TO PROTECT COMPANY PROPERTY AND THAT OF OUR CLIENTS, and TO ENSURE EFFICIENT OPERATIONS. Haverstick-Borthwick Company has adopted a safety policy on drugs, alcohol and other prohibited substances. It is the company policy to provide employment and a place of employment which is free from the recognized hazards of drug and alcohol abuse. It is also our policy to ensure the reputation of Haverstick-Borthwick Company and its employees within the community and the industry at large, TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS, TO REDUCE LATENESS AND ABSENTEESIM due to these substances, and TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY. Through employee and union health plans we will provide a means of rehabilitation assistance for any employee who seeks such help.

REGULAR SAFETY, QULAITY AND PRODUCTIVITY MEETINGS are held on all job sites every Monday morning with a specific agenda related to a uniform safety concern of the week and quality and productivity issues that may arise. This meeting includes all Haverstick-Borthwick Company employees and the employees of all subcontractors at the site. In addition to being a valuable training opportunity, it provides an opportunity for employees to DISCUSS POSSIBLE SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS that have occurred to them as they carry out their work. These suggestions may result in an immediate change in the work place or in an Opportunity for Improvement suggestion form to be implemented across the company. We also have a STATE APPROVED SAFETY COMMITTEE comprised of both field and office personnel which meets on a monthly basis to discuss timely safety issues and ways to improve the program.

We also try to participate as fully as possible in the SAFETY PROGRAMS ENFORCED AT OUR CUSTOMER'S PLANTS AND WORK SITES. In most cases, these programs are fully compatible with our own, but where more rigid requirements are mandated, they are incorporated into our program at that site and adhered to fully. Employees who violate the Owner's safety requirements or those in our own plan are immediately put on notice and may be dismissed for repeated violations or for a serious violation at any time.



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